A couple laughing with a baby playing with bubbles.

Toddler Therapy

Written by Paul Siluch
September 30, 2022

I recall a client once telling me that becoming a grandfather was the single most pleasurable event of his life. Friends of ours recently became grandparents, and I admit to being a little envious.

Many elderly people never have the pleasure of being grandparents, however. Fewer children, later births and great distances mean even those with grandchildren rarely get to see them. This may explain the rise of pet ownership these days. There are more pets in Japan than there are children today.

Speaking of Japan, you have to hand it to the Japanese for their clever approach to problems. Many studies show the life-extension benefits of social interaction between the young and the old, and so nursing homes have teamed up with care workers to bring babies and toddlers together.

A recent article in Insidehook discussed the elderly receiving contact, play and hugs in exchange for childcare necessities like diapers and baby formula. The kids love it, the elderly residents love it even more, and the moms get a form of financial assistance.

In a world of Uber and AirBNB, where we share cars and housing, the idea of sharing time with a baby maybe isn’t so strange. Especially if it lowers your stress and helps you live longer.

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