Dividend Value Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you succeed with your mission. By helping you manage your financial complexities, we give you the freedom to focus on what you really want to be doing.

Our Philosophy

A financially calm retirement can be distilled down to three elements:

  1. Protect my capital
  2. Provide me with an income
  3. Grow my money carefully

At Dividend Value Partners, our goal is to grow your money patiently and consistently, whether you are looking to retire or are still saving. This means keeping risk as low as possible to preserve your capital in good markets and in bad. We look after hundreds of families throughout North America, some for over 25 years. A few are even third generation. We also work with business owners.

Our interests are aligned with your interests. We perform our own analysis, rely on our own independent research, and personally own what we recommend for our clients.

Let us help you be financially calm. We take the burden of day-to-day management off your hands to allow you the freedom to live your life with less worry.

Dividend Value Discipline™

Quarterly Commentary